I am Sid


A private, paid community for an influencer's top 1000 fans


Get paid to reply to messages from strangers


A website for investors to find startups looking for funding

How Beautiful Am I LIVE

An online ghost prank disguised as a face beauty scoring app you can fool your friends with

Stop Boomer LIVE

When a boomer starts irritating you, go to this website and press the button to irritate them back

Okay Karen Stop LIVE

When a Karen starts Karening around you, Karenify them by going to this website and pressing the button

Since LIVE

A chrome extension that highlights new posts on hacker news' front page since your last visit


Created a simple device that would sit on the tables in a restaurant and emit subtle, pulsating red light when pressed to get the attention of waiters. Piloted prototype in a restaurant, got a PO for 12 tables but a week later everything shut down because of Covid-19

Creative consultant

Worked with a Tibetan Restaurant in Bangalore and introduced a fun new experience called "cloud on table" with dry ice and hot water for customers on Valentine's. Saw a 33% revenue jump in 3 days

The nice challenge DEAD

Was building a paid online challenge where people would upload a video of themselves doing something nice for someone else and the best videos would win huge prizes. Closed down because of legal and payment provider's issues

Faith in Humans DEAD

Built a paid, weekly newsletter featuring amazing heroic stories of everyday people. Couldn't get any paid signups, gave up and shut it down

World's biggest time capsule DEAD

Created a website where people could upload a 30 second video message for future humans and the videos would be made live again in 2050. Raised $13k, couldn't get traction, shut it down


Built a website where 24 talented humans would be featured for 24 hours, every day. Failed to get any traction, shut it down

100 Years Online DEAD

Built a website where people would buy a 100x100 pixel tile for $10, upload anything onto it and it would live online for 100 years. Got 3 people to pay, saw no further traction, returned their money and shut the website down.

Facebook Hustle

Posted a fun "Hire me" essay on different startup groups on facebook and got (approx) $5000 worth of work

Dorm canteen

Operated a night canteen from my dorm, made a few hundred dollars in profit initially but lost them eventually as demand died

Dorm delivery

Started a delivery service from the city to our college for online orders as amazon/flipkart didn't deliver to our college for being outside the city. Stopped after 30 days as all ecommerce websites started delivering.

Village school rennovation

I wanted to teach in a village school but learnt the bigger problem was good infrastructure. Recruited 30 other students in college, collected $1000 and built a toilet, water tank and filtration method. Wanted to do more but donated the remaining money to an NGO who put in $3000 more to repaint the school, fix structural problems, install blackboards everywhere and give students chairs and tables to study on


Won a state organized hackathon by making a personal safety bracelet for women


Won a gold medal in Cyber olympiad and a silver medal in math olympiad organized in Mumbai

Help age India

Knocked on 230 doors and collected a few hundred dollars in Mumbai to donate to Help Age India, became the highest donor in school